New SHS Product Launch – Introducing the Pinion Glass Balustrade

Now we are excited to announce our brand-new product, the Pinion Glass Balustrade System; which is a perfect addition to stairs, balconies and decking in domestic homes and commercial spaces.

SHS Products are the UK’s leading company in designing, manufacturing and supplying bespoke stainless steel and glass balustrade solutions.

The Pinions system is a strong new addition to SHS Products’ already impressive portfolio.

This glass balustrade features cylindrical posts with no top rail and holds glass panels in place with a stainless steel curved arm and button clamp. The Pinion Glass Balustrade system is perfect for any area, whether internal or external. This system has numerous applications including stairs, balconies and decking. Our advisors can advise on the best type of finish, depending on where the balustrade is placed.

The new Pinion System comes in a standard size of 1100mm, with 1200mm maximum centres and tube diameters of 42.4mm. The thicknesses of the glass panels for this glass balustrade include 10mm Toughened, 12mm Toughened and 11.5mm Toughened Laminated glass. The Toughened and Toughened Laminated glass have been heated to strength for safety.

Pinion glass balustrade

Pinion glass balustrade







Rob Witcomb, Director at SHS Products, said, “This new system is one of the strongest glass balustrades in our portfolio, and one we are extremely excited to begin selling. We like to give our customers the best quality, whilst providing a wide range of choice; this is why we are working to diversify our products. To constantly develop and expand as a business is our goal and as a director, it fills me with pride to see that 10 years on, we are still expanding”.

We have lots of experience working on thousands of commercial projects located all over the UK. That is why we understand what you require from a balustrade system, value for money and a durable stylish product. With the exclusive Pinion glass balustrade railing system, you can have both.

View the Pinion Balustrade System right here!




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