Introducing the Skyforce Juliet balcony

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The Skyforce Juliet balcony system is a practically invisible glass railing that is placed across a window, door, or an opening to offer protection and to create the impression of a balcony. It is perfect for introducing fresh air to any room in your apartment, home, or any space in a commercial building.

The Skyforce Juliet balcony adds extra safety measures and enhances your building by offering fall protection for French balconies and windows. The Skyforce system can be mounted quickly and easily thanks to its innovative slide and click channel shoe system by OnLevel.

The Skyforce system can be mounted directly from the inside or outside onto the window frame or masonry with a selection of available fixings. The system can cover one width size with just one profile which can make powder coating straightforward if required.

Powder coating is available in many colours at an additional cost if you’d like to create a personalised design. This system is suitable for plastic, aluminium, wooden and metal frames, plus you don’t need planning permission to install it.

Large windows or doors that can be wide open at times can be very dangerous, but the Skyforce Juliet balcony is an important safety feature that can prevent falls. Our toughened glass is a strong and durable solution: the glass panel provides a protection screen for the full length of your balcony or window that can withstand weather conditions and hits.

Skyforce Juliet balconies are an attractive and inexpensive way to upgrade your building. Although their main role is offering protection, they can still give your property a modern and clean look. Glass has the ability to add an aesthetic appeal to any project and make it look elegant.

Glass lets light flow into your space, it doesn’t compromise your view and it won’t ever make the outside of your property look outdated.

The Skyforce system can be easily installed with almost no tools as it comes pre-assembled and the kit includes everything that is needed except for the fixing screws.


The Skyforce Juliet balcony is one of the most cost-effective systems on the market: it looks great, it is customisable, long-lasting, and most of all it is an essential safety feature.

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