It’s the little details that really make a balustrade

You know what they say, it’s the details in a project that makes a difference. Little details can make your balustrade distinctive and choosing them for your design can be an exciting and unique process.

Here are some of the details you can choose when we design your balustrade system:

Mirror or satin polish

Our stainless steel balustrades are manufactured in grade 316 stainless steel which you can choose to have polished and brushed to either a mirror or satin finish.

Polishing improves the appearance, texture, and strength of stainless steel and although it’s very useful, it’s also a little detail that will make your balustrade unique.

The mirror finish is processed more than the satin finish to create a highly reflective surface with a lovely shiny, smooth finish. Our mirror-polished grade 316 stainless steel contains fewer grains for dirt particles to collect in, so we usually recommend a mirror finish for outdoor projects for high humidity places like around a pool or a hot tub or for locations near the sea.

Also smooth to the touch, the satin finish is a classic option that will never go out of fashion. It provides a matt finish that is perfect where appearance is the priority. Plus, stains and dirt don’t appear as easily, meaning it doesn’t need to be cleaned and polished as much.


Our balustrade systems have the option to add a top rail if they are not already included in the initial system design. Extra handrails are also available to include in your project, for example, if you are installing a balustrade along your staircase, you can also add a handrail on the other side, the wall side or you can add a grab rail at the top or bottom of the staircase for easier access.

Our handrails also come with other options, you can select flat end, tapered end, and domed end handrails. We manufacture bespoke handrails for both indoor and outdoor projects.

Clear, frosted, or coloured glass balustrades

Another little detail that can personalise your project is selecting whether you want your balustrade’s glass to be clear, frosted, or coloured.

Frosted glass is available on many of our balustrades. It adds an element of privacy to your balustrade, especially if situated on a balcony. We also offer a bronze tint, which much like frosted glass, adds that element of privacy to your balustrade.

Different tints are also available for some of our balustrade glass systems if you fancy a splash of colour.

Glass thickness

Depending on the balustrade system you select, you also have the option to choose the glass thickness. For example, for our Frameless glass balustrade, you can choose between 12mm toughened, 15mm, 17.5mm or 21.5 mm toughened.

Powder coating

Powder coating is an extra detail you can add to your balustrade to make it extra resilient, but it also gives your balustrade a stylish matt finish. With powder coating, you can also choose a colour that will match whatever décor you have in your home.

Lastly, one of the most important detail is the system you choose. Even if you want something bespoke, we suggest you have a look at all our systems to find the one that suits your design and style. We offer balustrade systems with posts, free from support posts for panoramic views, with geomantic elements, with wire rope and more.

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