Juliet balconies for commercial buildings

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The simple and elegant Juliet balconies can transform the exterior of any property. Juliet balconies are an especially easy solution for commercial buildings that are not able to get planning permissions for a balcony, terrace, or outdoor area.

The Juliet balcony railing – also called Balconette, Juliette, or False balcony – is a railing that is placed across a raised window or door opening to create a balcony effect. All our Juliet balcony railing options allow you to easily enhance your building while adding extra safety.

Enhance Your Commercial Space

Our glass Juliet balcony options help you create the illusion of a larger space without the need for major building works while adding a contemporary style to the exterior of your commercial property. They can add value to a property and are appropriate for commercial and office uses.

Natural light is a great benefit for offices and commercial buildings: it gives a feeling of openness and can even help with your workers’ motivation. Glass Juliet balconies allow natural light to flood in commercial buildings while providing unobstructed views of the outside world.

Add safety

For high rise commercial buildings, Juliet balconies are also a huge safety precaution. A Juliet balcony can add that extra layer of security so windows and doors can be opened for ventilation without any concern.

Our Juliet balconies don’t stick out too far from the walls and are long-lasting and weather resilient. All our Juliet balconies offer the benefit of adding a balcony effect to your property without the costs of an extension.


We are the leading UK supplier of Juliet balconies. Choose from our Juliet balconiesGlass button Juliet balconiesSkyforce Juliet balconiesBalconette, or our Steel Juliet balconies.

We have worked on thousands of commercial projects. Our team will always work with you to find the perfect Juliet balcony for what you require. If you need more information about our Juliet balconies, please get in touch and we can answer all your questions.

View all our Glass and Steel Juliet Balcony options.





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