Key features for safe and functional stairs

Tripping on staircases is a very common accident in commercial and domestic environments, which is why we always make sure to suggest specific and extra features when clients are enquiring about staircase balustrades.

Whether you’re looking to improve your indoor or outdoor, public or private staircase safety – here are some key features for having the safest stairs:


Our balustrades come with the option to add a top handrail, an option we recommend and use for staircase balustrades. A handrail all along the length of your staircase will help people up and down the steps, especially elderly family members.

Our handrails are essential for staircases and complete the design of your balustrades. We provide a selection of end cap styles for handrails – Tapered, Domed and Flat – and we also have a wide range of rail lengths for immediate purchase.

If you can’t find the size that you want, we also make made-to-measure handrails. We manufacture our stainless-steel handrails in-house; we cut the handrail to the length you require and easily deliver your order.

Add a second railing

Since handrails on your staircase are usually already a safety precaution people have taken, the next step that not many people think about is adding a second railing on the wall. Climbing or walking downstairs can be challenging for people with mobility issues or even young parents whose attention is on the kids.

By adding a wall-mounted extra railing on the wall beside your stairs, you will make it easier for visitors and you will give them additional support on the stairs if they need it.

Grab rails and handrails for easier access to and off the stairs

To add even more safety think about positioning grab rails at the bottom and the very top of your staircase to help with that first and last step. Our grab rails can be positioned anywhere you might find fit, around the landing to help elderly people to the second flight of stairs or at your entrance just before the stairs for extra leverage.

The same goes for your outdoor stairs. Give your visitors extra safety by adding handrails on both sides of your outdoor steps or add grab rails for something people can hold on to while going up the first few steps.

This is especially useful in the winter months when steps, paths or patios can be icy and challenging to walk on without having extra support. We can provide grab rails long enough for an entire staircase, or short grab rails to your required length to install anywhere internally, or externally.

Glass balustrades

If you are still in the process of choosing your staircase design, we recommend you consider glass balustrades. Unlike other balustrades like iron or wood, glass is transparent and gives a clear vision to those ascending or descending stairs.

Having a clear vision to see their surroundings and what is going on near the stairway enhances the overall safety of the staircase and is also perfect for family homes so you can clearly see your children running up and down.

Small gaps

Lastly, the most vital safety feature is designing your balustrades with very small gaps. Our glass balustrades can be designed with very small gaps which make it impossible for little hands and legs to slip through or get stuck in.


Please get in touch if you need more advice on creating safe indoor or outdoor staircases. Explore our full range of SHS glass balustrades, handrails and grab rails and contact us with any questions.






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