How to Maintain Your Aluminium Balustrades

If you have purchased the SHS InfinityFrameless or Palisade balustrade systems, then you have an aluminium balustrade. Congratulations!

The SHS aluminum rails are made from IAS components with precision fabricated parts that go through a multi-level “Quality Assurance Program” to ensure the highest standards. These parts go through a 5-stage powder coating system. This SHS system meets the most stringent AAMA performance requirements for durability on aluminium extrusions coatings.


Infinity Aluminium Glass Balustrade Near Saltwater Coastline


Aluminium balustrade Fasteners do require regular maintenance. It is the owner’s responsibility to inspect the fasteners annually, as over time, they will loosen and therefore need to be tightened as necessary. We recommend a light coat of floor/car wax be applied to the tops of any exposed fastener every 3-6 months; this is to help prevent oxidation, a common occurrence in a “coastline environment” that experiences high UV and salt spray. Surface rust is a normal part of the fastener aging process and will not affect the integrity or the strength of your fasteners.


High UV & Salt Environments

Inspect the aluminium balustrade monthly and clean when required if you are within one mile of a salt water coastline or any area prone to saltwater spray.

Frameless Aluminium Glass Balustrade Near Saltwater Coastline


Aluminium Balustrade Product Cleaning

  • Clean your railing at least twice a year with a mild non-abrasive soap and water. Remember to use a soft sponge because dry sponges may scratch the surface. In areas where salts and pollutants are more prevalent (beachfront or industrial areas) clean the railings more frequently.
  • Rinse the aluminium balustrade from top to bottom. Do not allow any cleaning solutions to collect, puddle or dry on the surface. Wipe dry with a soft, dry cloth. (Repeat the above process for more stubborn water-soluble stains.)
  • To remove minor scuff marks or scratches, use mild/non-abrasive products. Certain household cleaners, abrasive agents, strong solvents, steel wool and industrial cleaners can cause damage to the finish and we do not recommend these products.
  • For a protective wax finish, apply a quality brand car wax to the aluminium balustrade surface.
  • For optimal cleaning, do not clean your railing system in direct sunlight or in temperatures too hot or too cold.
  • Always test on a small inconspicuous area before applying any product to your railing system.
  • Use regular glass cleaner for glass.
  • To remove paint or sealant spots use Methylated Spirits, Turpentine, White Spirits, Alcohol or Isopropanol.
  • Remove any sap, tree seeds, bugs, etc immediately as sun exposure and heat will make them more difficult to remove.

Palisade Aluminium Balustrade Near Saltwater Coastline


Natural Aging Process

During the natural aging process of the powder coating on your aluminium balustrade, you may notice a white ‘chalk’ or powder that forms on the surface. This is a normal occurrence, simply clean to bring back the sheen.


View the SHS aluminium balustrade product range here.



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