Natural light and uninterrupted views with our Frameless Balustrade System

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As the name suggests, our Frameless balustrade system is perfect for unobstructed views since it has no visible frames and a seamless finish.

The Frameless glass balustrade is our most seamless and minimalist balustrade and can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on balconies, patios, decking, and domestic or commercial areas.

Our Frameless glass balustrades won’t compromise the natural light coming in and will become the stand-out feature of your project. The continuous glass also allows the natural light to flow between levels, better than traditional railings that block the light altogether.

We offer two options for this system, our Frameless balustrade for up to 3.0kN and our light Frameless balustrade for 0.74kN.

Domestic & Commercial Frameless up to 3.0kN

The domestic and commercial Frameless system can be used for internal and external projects up to 3.0kN. Our frameless system features an aluminium show channel and glass infill with the added options of custom glass finishes, capping and attaching a top rail.

Domestic & Light Commercial Frameless 0.74kN

Our lightweight Frameless balustrade system is designed with straightforward installation in mind. The system is lightweight but extremely strong making it suitable for domestic purposes or light commercial, internal, and external projects.

The channel remains the same for all glass thicknesses except for the inner glass clamp kits that change according to the thickness needed.

  • Suitable for 12mm, 15mm, 17.52mm, and 21.52mm
  • Available in 3-metre lengths
  • Tested following BS6180:2011 for domestic & light commercial applications up to 0.74kN
  • Pre-manufactured internal and external 90-degree corners are also available to avoid delays in mitre cuts
  • Easily adjusted (+/- 10mm in both directions).
  • Anodised aluminium brushed stainless steel-like finish
  • Suitable for coastal installations with its 15-micron anodised finish

Our Frameless system allows clear views with no interruptions at all whether it’s used indoors or outdoors. Contact us and our friendly and experienced team can help you select the option that will be most suitable for your project.




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