SHS Jargon Buster Vol.7 – Ninfa Glass Balustrade Products

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Today in Vol. 7, we are simplifying the Ninfa glass balustrade.

If this is your first time with us let us fill you in. In the SHS Jargon Buster, we go through a few of the terms regularly used in the glass balustrade industry and attempt to simplify them for you. This will make choosing your perfect balustrade at a great price much easier!

Ninfa Glass Balustrade

The Ninfa balustrade is an anodised aluminium shoe channel that holds your pane of laminated glass in place. The glass is adjustable from one side meaning you can adjust the level of the glass from the internal side of your balcony.

UK glass balustrade


Shoe Channel

The shoe channel is simply a long aluminium clamp that holds the pane of glass at the bottom and ensures your glass panel is secure in your glass without obstructing your view. The shoe channel comes pre-assembled, all you have to do is adjust your screws inside the track with our supplied spanner to get the glass to your desired level.

Afina Base Channel - 400px



Adjusting Screw/Glass Leveler

These components are part of the pre-assembled Ninfa glass balustrade base channel. These fantastic parts allow you to adjust the level of your glass from one side of the balustrade. This allows you or your balustrade fitters to safely ensure that your glass is plumb and level. These screws or glass levellers are adjusted using our tailor-made spanner that is supplied with this system.

NINFA 4-100


End Cap

The end cap is simply a piece of metal that covers the end of the channel shoe. It fits over the shoe and then is simply screwed into the base channel.



These unique designs allow you to keep the metal to a minimum and glass to a maximum, thus opening your outdoor space.

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