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In simple words, Juliet balconies are narrow railings placed across a raised window, French doors or a door opening on an upper storey of a building to create a balcony effect and to add safety.

The name ‘Juliet balcony’ originated from Shakespeare’s famous play, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, although in the actual play Juliet appears at a window rather than a balcony, the name continued to be used and it perfectly suits this beautiful feature.

Juliet balconies have become popular once again but with a more modern twist. UK architecture was very fond of a Juliet balcony during the Georgian period, but, in those days, Juliet balconies were made from iron for a more romantic design. Wrought iron needs more maintenance and as you might notice in older buildings a lot of these Georgian Juliet balconies end up unusable and dangerous.

Nowadays, Juliet balconies are made with safer, stronger, durable, and more sustainable materials like glass, stainless steel, and mild steel. These materials can still provide you with the exterior design you are looking for whether it’s modern, simple, or traditional.

All our Juliet balconies offer the benefit of adding a balcony effect to your property without the costs of an extension. They also add value to your property and can be used in domestic and commercial buildings – perfect for introducing fresh air and sunlight in your space.

Glass button Juliet balconies

The glass button Juliet balcony is perfect if you are going for a more industrial modern design, and if you are looking to fix the system into steel, concrete or masonry. The glass provides clear unobstructed views and a minimalist, sleek appearance to enhance your property.

The buttons are available in several sizes and the glass thickness is typically 17.5mm or 21.5mm thick toughened laminated glass depending upon the opening size to which the Juliet will be fixed. You can also choose from clear, opaque, or coloured glass.

Skyforce Juliet balconies

shs Skyforce Juliet balconies

The OnLevel Skyforce Juliet balcony is particularly used for fall protection and it can be mounted quickly with its slide and click system, plus it can be mounted directly from the inside or outside onto the window frame or masonry with a selection of available fixings.

This system is suitable for plastic, aluminium, wooden, and metal frames. Powder coating is also available in many colours at an additional cost if you’d like to create a personalised design.

Balconette Juliet

Balconette Juliet

The balconette Juliet comes with a top and bottom rail in high-quality 316-grade stainless steel with matching glass clamps and it’s the perfect finishing touch to any home or commercial building. The glass is available in a range of colours and opaque finish if required.

Steel Juliet balconies

Steel Juliet balconies

Our pre-treated mild steel and powder coated Juliet balcony railing is a more cost-effective alternative to our glass designs and a long-lasting solution. It comes in different designs and this month you can also get a 10% discount if you order by the 31st of October.

Please email us at sales@shs-products.co.uk or call 01922 743 842 to get a quote.


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