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How to install our Pinion Stainless Steel & Glass Balustrade

How to install our Pinion

Our Pinion balustrade system is a stainless steel and glass balustrade system made up of steel posts with ‘arms’ that hold glass panels in place. This glass balustrade is perfect for both internal and external uses, from balconies, decking or stairs. The glass balustrade can also be customized with either clear or frosted glass in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Installing this Balustrade is easy, too!

Pinion glass bannister


Items Supplied:

Items Supplied: Pre-drilled and Tapped stainless steel posts with welded base plates, base covers and Pinion glass clamps
Items Needed: 10mm Allen key


Assembling Your Posts

    • First, you need to put the base cover onto the stainless steel post and slip onto the base plate.
    • Next, you will need to remove the button from your pinion glass clamp.
    • Then, you will need to fix the curved arm half of your pinion clamp to your post with your 10mm Allen Key. The arm will line up with the pre-drilled holes in your balustrade glass panel.
    • You’ll then have to repeat this process with all of your other posts.
    • When you’ve finished that leave the other halves to one side until the glass has been inserted.

Once these processes have been completed this is how it should look

Pinion Post Design

Fixings for Each Material

Wood:                            Drill a 6mm pilot hole 80mm, use M8 x 80mm stainless steel coach screws.

Metal:                            Drill and tap M8, use M8 x 50 stainless steel bolts with locking washers.

Concrete:                     Drill 8mm holes to depth of 80mm, use M8 x 100mm stainless steel floor anchor fixings.


Once you have positioned your stainless steel post and inserted your fixings, tighten them by hand.

To ensure your posts are level, hold the spirit level where the balustrade glass will run as well as at the front and back of the posts, then adjust the screws accordingly.

Once you have done this, repeat the process until all posts are level.


Inserting the Glass Panels

Items supplied: Glass panels, Rubber gaskets, glass clamps.

Items Needed: 2 x 80mm High Wooden Blocks, 6mm Allen Key

After you have completed the previous steps you can move on to the next set of instructions:

  • First, you need to insert the rubber gaskets into both sides of the glass clamp.
  • Then, you need to place the two 80mm high wood blocks on the floor between the posts.
  • Next, you will place the glass on the blocks and align the glass panel in position in between the glass clamps.
  • Now you need to place the front of the glass clamps over the part of the glass clamp fitted to the post and replace both screws ensuring these are as tight as possible.
  • Repeat this process with glass panels and clamps.

Your pinion balustrade post should finally look like this:

Double Pinion Post and Glass Manip

If you have any queries or questions regarding this process, don’t hesitate to call a member of our team today!

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