How To Prepare Your Balustrade Fixing Area

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When installing a balustrade, it is essential that you have the right parts and tools for the job. Part of the installation equation that people often forget is the proper preparation of the fixing area. As the place where your balustrade will sit, you can imagine it’s quite important that this area is ready for the application! So when preparing your fixing area, it’s important to remember the below points:

SHS Products Frameless Glass Balustrade on Stone Slabs


Know What You’re Fitting Into

If you have already ordered your system, you will have fully determined what type of surface you’re fitting your balustrade to. Although we have a range of balustrades suitable for various surfaces; naturally, certain balustrades will be too heavy to install on, say, wood. Before your balustrade has been ordered, you can call our friendly customer service team who will be happy to walk you through the possibilities! You can contact us on the number found at the top of this page. Alternatively, you can see lists of the possible fitting materials in the ‘specifications’ tab on each balustrade page.

SHS Products Side Fixed Professional Glass Balustrade


Whilst this may not be the most fun activity, it’s something that will definitely help when it comes to installing your balustrade! A clean area will stop the materials getting dirty. This prevents problems with dust or other debris as well as preventing a whole bunch of health and safety risks.

SHS Products Infinity Aluminium Glass Balustrade on Decking


Surface Levels

If your fitting surface slopes for instance, that will have a major impact on the design of your balustrade. This type of information should be supplied to the balustrade manufacturer at the planning stage. If it’s possible to level out your area with new decking then this will make your installation much simpler.


If you have any questions about fitting your balustrade don’t hesitate to call our team today!



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