Professional Balustrade – Intermediate/Mid Post

£78.75 ex VAT

The Intermediate/ mid post is 42.4mm Dia@ 1078mm high – the drill holes are 180 degrees from each other with welded base plates, cover, 4 glass clamps & tube saddle to the top.

Categories , Product Code RPM.122.XX.16.S


The Stainless Steel mid post will be grade 316. The mid post comes in two grades, for guidance and advice on which grade of Stainless Steel your mid post should be, please contact a member of our customer advisor team and they will answer any of your questions.

The Mid post is supplied for the Professional Balustrade system. The Professional Glass Balustrade system offers glass frames with cylindrical posts topped with a smooth railing for comfort. An elegant addition to any home or commercial space.

For more information regarding the Mid post please view our installation video on our YouTube channel or our Professional system brochure on the product download page here.

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