Balustrade Top Rail – Steel Tube (3m)

£74.34 ex VAT

This Stainless Steel Tube is 42.4mm Dia and is grade 316 of Stainless Steel. This products is provided cut to 3 metre lengths.


Our Stainless Steel products are available in two grades, one is recommended for exterior the other for interior. SHS also provide bespoke cuttings, with a maximum length of any 1 piece being 6m. For further information regarding the grading of Stainless Steel or bespoke cuttings, please call one of our customer advisors and they will answer any questions.

The Stainless Steel tube is provided for our Professional, Steel Rod and Wire Rope Systems. These Balustrade systems are ideal for any interior or exterior areas, whether this be a domestic home or a commercial space, SHS are always providing products that impress.

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