Tube Connector (Square)

£17.65 ex VAT

The item pictured here is the Square Tube Connector, measuring 40mm square width and depth with a 2mm thickness.

Category Product Code SQ.EB9.XX.16.S


Made from Grade 316 Stainless Steel, this Tube Connector is suitable for use in outdoor areas.

The Tube Connector is used when there is a top railing required that is longer than the 3 metre runs of Square Tube that SHS products supplies and you can purchase separately here. The Tube Connector connects 2 pieces of handrail together.

As part of the Square balustrade system, the Tube Connector is one of many parts you can get from SHS Products. To view the full Square component range and see our 3D animated video on installing the Professional Balustrade which can be used when installing the Square Post and Glass Balustrade System click here.

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