Quick fixes to make your workspace safer after COVID-19

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As many offices, companies and retail business have begun to reopen, it is now more important than ever to refresh workspaces and make them safer for employees and customers.

Work and staff protection measures will continue to evolve, which is why a safe workspace should be a long-term investment for businesses.

Here are some quick fixes and suggestions we have come up with to help you improve your workspace after COVID-19:

Floor indicators

One of the easiest changes to encourage social distancing in your office or workplace is to use floor indicators. Floor indicators can be stickers that show the one metre plus social distance (if 2m is not possible) or they can be used to create a one-way system especially for places that would usually be busier with employees or customers.

Glass partitions

Glass partitions can be the ideal solution for open-plan office spaces in particular. Glass partitions are perfect for creating private areas for meetings in an open-plan office. The glass keeps the open feel of the office while it offers sound protection if you need to create more private areas.

With glass partitions, you don’t have to limit yourself so depending on the government’s measures you can use them to either create individual workspaces or a small meeting room.

Read our blog on how to create the perfect glass office space.

Add glass screens between desks and public areas

Another quick fix is to install glass screens between workspaces and public areas. This is an effective way to protect your employees and the public from the risk of cross-contamination.

The glass protection screens are made to measure, they are easy to clean, durable and extremely easy to install.  Plus, this solution creates a more attractive replacement for traditional dividing screens and is available in a variety of finishes.

Glass protection screens can also be used for checkout counters. The clear screens are the ideal solution for reducing the spread of bacteria from person to person in shops, restaurants and public establishments.

Hand sanitiser stations

Although we are sure many businesses have already invested in disinfectant products, installing hand sanitising dispensing units – ideally touchless- is such an important and quick fix.

We also suggest creating stations around your work with disinfectant products to encourage the regular use of hand sanitiser and to also promote the importance of employees keeping their workspaces or meeting rooms clean.

De-clutter personal workspaces

By just de-cluttering your work environment you can create more room to be used for social distancing and to help you maintain cleanliness. You can also put your unused furniture in storage to free up your space and to adapt to your new layouts.

Glass panels

Glass panels or glass balustrades are a practical fix for restaurants and bars that have had to change their layout or limit their capacity following the government’s guidelines and safety measures.

Glass panels can make the distance between tables even safer and more hygienic as they protect customers from the airborne transmission of bacteria and viruses while they are eating or drinking. This bespoke glass panels can be easily moved and disinfected.


We have worked in thousands of commercial projects throughout the UK and our team can help you complete your bespoke project from start to finish, from developing the idea to the installation.

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