Refit season for the leisure industry: what can glass balustrades add?

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November and December are usually refit season for leisure clubs up and down the UK: typically lower footfall rates at this time of year makes it the ideal opportunity for an interior refresh.

Plus, peak ‘new membership’ season for gyms is just around the corner in January – a refurbishment could help a facility to stand out from the crown in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Many leisure clubs – gyms, spas, hotels – are using interior glass balustrades in increasing numbers. The appeal is obvious: they help to make spaces lighter, appear bigger and add a touch of class.

Why are glass balustrades suitable for leisure facilities?

Upmarket appearance

As mentioned above, leisure is an incredibly competitive industry. More and more products and services are competing for people’s hard-earned money. Enhancing the interior and exterior appearance of a gym, spa or health club can vastly improve the take-up rate of new members, who want to feel like they are gaining access to an exclusive club for their monthly membership fee.

Adding glass balustrades is one of the more popular ways to make a facility appear more upmarket and enhance the ambience of your club.

Better, safer spectator experience

Glass is the perfect solution for those seeking barriers that that maintain spectator and participant safety without hampering the viewing experience. Using glass in sporting areas is perfectly safe – toughened glass is resistant to most impacts and fully compliant with safety standards for public spaces.

Easy to maintain, longer-lasting

Long-term maintenance costs should be a concern when specifying materials as part of a refit. Glass is resistant to reasonable changes in temperature, steam and corrosion. It is easy to keep clean and its appearance does not degrade over time.

Illusion of space

Sports facilities that were built in the 1960s were all tight spaces, narrow corridors and brown floor tiles, but design principles have – thankfully – long since moved on. Now, architects value bright, open, social spaces, which perfectly suit the use of glass balustrades, which enhance, not hamper, the view.

No matter what your requirements are for your leisure facility refit, SHS can offer bespoke balustrades and glass to suit your project. You can find out more about our glass balustrades here, or head to our online quote page to enquire in more detail.





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