Rejuvenate your staircase with glass balustrades

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If you are looking for ways to update your traditional staircase by incorporating both safety and style, then look no further. Glass balustrades can enhance your property and even add value to a home.

A staircase is a required safety function to lead you from one level to the other, but it is also an important architectural feature: a feature that can transform and rejuvenate your whole house. One of the most effective changes that you can make to your staircase is to incorporate glass or use glass balustrades.

What are the advantages?

The use of glass balustrades for staircases will modify your hallway and landing. It will increase natural light and maximise the feeling of open space. Glass also keeps the heat from the natural light and lets it flow between levels, better than traditional railings that block the light altogether.

Glass balustrades are also aesthetically pleasing – glass adds an elegant touch to any building, even a traditional property. We create bespoke designs – glass balustrades can have different finishes and can be customised with coloured, clear, or frosted glass.

If your home has a traditional interior design, we can create a staircase design that fits in with more traditional frosted glass and a matt finish. On the other hand, if your house has a more modern interior, we can create a unique minimalistic balustrade with stainless steel clamps and clear glass.

Another advantage is that glass balustrades do not require a lot of maintenance – they are easy to clean with just lukewarm water and a cloth.

If you are looking to sell your home in the future, you probably already know that renovations and cosmetic enhancements increase the value of your home. The staircase is the first impression of your home and improving your old staircase with a modern equivalent can increase the value of your home.

Lastly, professionally installed glass balustrades, that are compliant with building regulations, are incredibly strong and safe. Toughened and laminated glass that is used for glass balustrades is extremely sturdy and resistant to wear and tear.

Can I rejuvenate my existing glass balustrade staircase?

If you already have a glass balustrade staircase and want to update it, glass panels can be easily replaced and as we mentioned above glass can come in different options. Rejuvenate your glass balustrades with new coloured glass or by adding a top handrail (if you do not already have one).


Whatever design you have in mind we have several options, and we are always happy to create bespoke designs and help our customers find the right balustrade system for their property. Contact us today and talk to our friendly team.




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