Sea, balustrades, and coastal living

If you are reading this blog post, we guess you live or own a business by the coast. It’s so lovely to live near the sea – being able to sit out, take in the fresh sea air and enjoy the sunshine.

But unfortunately, you probably already know that living near the coast can affect your property and outdoor structures. The high winds, rain, and high levels of corrosion due to the salt is something to keep in mind when renovating and choosing balustrades for coastal environments.

Whether it is for pool railings, balconies, balustrades for your patio, terrace or garden, we suggest you choose a strong material that isn’t prone to corrosion, like glass.

Here are a few reasons why glass balustrades and glass Juliet balconies are perfect for coastal properties:

Firstly, and most importantly, glass does not corrode which is why it is always the better option over the more traditional railing styles. It is more resilient to sea salt and cannot be permanently affected by salt or the weather.

Secondly, toughened glass is extremely durable. Building regulations specify that toughened or tempered glass and laminated glass are the two types of glass that are suitable for constructing balustrades.

Toughened and laminated glass is thermally and chemically treated to make it tougher. The strength and weight of toughened glass makes it hard to be moved by the wind. Being so strong, glass balustrades can withstand the coastal weather and wear and tear, unlike other materials that degrade over time, like wood or metal.

Thirdly, what is the best thing about coastal properties? The view of course, and glass balustrades offer unobstructed views.

Our Frameless glass balustrade, for example, has no visible frames and a seamless finish offering incredible views. The Clarion balustrade system is held in place by stainless steel clamps at the bottom so again the views are not disrupted.

Finally, glass balustrades can be maintained easily and when looked after can last for a lifetime. Our glass balustrades are expertly manufactured to turn functional safety into a notable design, and they are a long-term investment for both domestic and commercial buildings.


Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how to enhance your coastal property or if you have any questions, our team of specialists would be happy to help.




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