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The Perfect Glass Balustrades for Your Office

Thinking of choosing glass balustrades for your office? Different commercial spaces require different things, certain materials will create a specific tone for that space. If you want a modern, professional and sleek space that will impress, glass balustrades from SHS will do the job. At SHS Products we make it as easy as possible for […]

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How to Measure a Balustrade: Centreline Vs Overall

Measuring your balustrade is extremely important as we manufacture the systems to your specifications. These bespoke designs rely on accurate measurements from yourself or one of our surveyors. This guide contains the top tips to ensure that you give us the correct measurements for us to make your bespoke system. We ask that you measure […]

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Rubber Gasket

The Rubber Gasket slots over the Glass to secure the top rail of the Frameless Glass Balustrade system, the rail is sold in 1m lengths. […]

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Introducing the Skyforce Juliet balcony

The Skyforce Juliet balcony system is a practically invisible glass railing that is placed across a window, door, or an opening to offer protection and to create the impression of a balcony. It is perfect for introducing fresh air to any room in your apartment, home, or any space in a commercial building. The Skyforce […]

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SHS Jargon Buster Vol.7 – Ninfa Glass Balustrade Products

Today in Vol. 7, we are simplifying the Ninfa glass balustrade. If this is your first time with us let us fill you in. In the SHS Jargon Buster, we go through a few of the terms regularly used in the glass balustrade industry and attempt to simplify them for you. This will make choosing […]

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Balustrade Products – SHS Jargon Buster Vol. 3

We’re back with another edition of the SHS Jargon Buster, and this time around we’re providing clarity on what some of our more obscure sounding balustrade products actually are. Read on balustrade buffs!   Drain Block A drain block is an aluminium U-Shaped sheet. This is installed below the channel shoe of our Frameless balustrade, […]

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SHS Jargon Buster Vol. 1 – Glass Balustrade Products

Baffled by a glass balustrade? Muddled by measurements? Well, fear not, as we have created the ultimate guide in jargon-busting when it comes to balustrades and railings. Volume one of the SHS Jargon-Buster will take you through some of our more obscure product names and some you may already know. Watch this space for future […]

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The SHS Frameless Glass Balustrade

All you need to know about the Frameless Glass Balustrade Systems The Frameless glass balustrade is our most simplistic and seamless balustrade. With its unique design and compact fixings, the Frameless system is perfect for capturing beautiful views whilst still providing safety.     […]

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