SHS Jargon Buster Vol. 1 – Glass Balustrade Products

Baffled by a glass balustrade? Muddled by measurements? Well, fear not, as we have created the ultimate guide in jargon-busting when it comes to balustrades and railings.

Volume one of the SHS Jargon-Buster will take you through some of our more obscure product names and some you may already know. Watch this space for future instalments, or if you’re feeling chatty call our team who are always happy to answer any questions you may have…on glass balustrades.

Glass Balustrade Infills

A glass balustrade infill is a material chosen to fill between the posts of your balustrade. This could be wire rope, glass or steel rods.



Toughened Laminated Glass

Toughened Laminated glass has an EVA (Ethylene Vinyl-Acetate) interlayer sandwiched between two panels of Toughened safety glass. If broken, Toughened Laminated glass will still be held together by the plastic interlayer.

SHS Products - Laminated Glass


Satin Finish

Satin Finish is a stainless steel finish that is achieved by polishing the metal with a SiC belt. This finish is recommended for external architectural environments.



Mirror Finish

Mirror Finish is the finish we recommend if you live within 10 miles of the coast or if the glass balustrade is going in a high-humidity area such as an indoor swimming pool. The finish contains fewer grains for dirt and particles to collect in and therefore is fantastic for any environment with a high risk of corrosion.




This is a type of cloth used to touch-up any minor scratches on stainless steel. Even when your glass balustrade is installed, we advise that a Scotchbrite cloth is kept for future maintenance and general cleaning. We feel it proves better than an ordinary soft cloth.

SHS Products - Scotchbrite Cloth



A gasket is a rubber ‘separator’ that slots in several places between the glass and the steel or aluminium in your balustrade. Also known as seals.

Square Rubber Gasket - Frameless Balustrade System - SHS Products








To complete the installation of our Frameless system, we supply a Stainless Steel cladding. It features an adhesive rubber seal that is secured on the underside of the cladding lip. A protective plastic layer is then removed to reveal the adhesive that will stick the cladding to the outside of the Channel Shoe. 


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