Balustrade Products – SHS Jargon Buster Vol. 3

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We’re back with another edition of the SHS Jargon Buster, and this time around we’re providing clarity on what some of our more obscure sounding balustrade products actually are. Read on balustrade buffs!


Drain block - balustrade products

Drain Block

A drain block is an aluminium U-Shaped sheet. This is installed below the channel shoe of our Frameless balustrade, which allows water to drain.



Wall Flange - balustrade products

Wall Flange

wall flange (also known as an upright clamp) is a Stainless Steel socket that fixes a balustrade handrail to a wall or other perpendicular surface. The one pictured left is for our ProfessionalWire Rope or Steel Rod balustrades. We also supply a Square Wall Flange suitable for the Square Handrail and the Slotted Wall Flange suitable for our Slotted Handrail.






Channel Shoe - balustrade products

Channel Shoe

The Channel Shoe is part of our Frameless balustrade system. It’s a U-shaped aluminium shoe with isolators; these hold the glass panels in place without the need for posts or a frame (Hence the name!). Sold in 3m lengths as standard, this shoe is available with two types of construction: 12mm and 15-21.5mm. It is suitable for all Frameless glass balustrade panels from SHS Products.



Rigging screw - balustrade products

Swage Rigging Screw

Also known as the ‘Turnbuckle Tensioner’, this closed-body turnbuckle is used for tensioning the wire rope as part of the Wire Rope balustrade system. You will need one Swage Rigging Screw for every run of wire and generally, there are five rows of wire as standard.




Swage Fork Terminal

Swage Fork Terminal

The Swage Fork Terminal secures the wire at the opposite end of a run to the Swage Rigging Screw. Like the Rigging Screw, you will need one Swage Fork Terminal per run of wire.



Stainless Steel Eyelet for use in fitting Balustrade Wire Rope to Wood

Stainless Steel Eyelet for use in fitting Balustrade Wire Rope to Metal



Eyelets from SHS Products come in two forms – for fixing to wood and metal. They are used with our Wire Rope balustrade system to fix the 4mm wire cable to the posts. Pictured below are the Metal Eyelet (left) and the Wood Eyelet (right).



Are you looking for more? View our full knowledge centre for more information about balustrade products, measuring tips and even planning permission guides!




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