SHS Top Tips on Picking a Glass Balustrade

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SHS Top Tips on Picking a Glass Balustrade

Picking a glass balustrade can be a detailed process, and with so many details to consider you must be certain that the investment and design is perfect!

So, to help our wonderful customers out, we’ve created a “top tips” list covering all elements to consider when picking your glass balustrade (domestic or commercial).

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1. Take into consideration your environment.

There are so many systems to choose from, consider which one will suit your surroundings best. We sell frameless glass balustrade systems, wire rope systems and much much more! A simple, yet elegant balustrade might be what visually suits your surroundings best, this is always something to consider.

2. Research your options.

SHS has 11 different balustrade systems to offer; research, research, research!

3. Planning! Always plan when picking a glass balustrade.

Check planning permission and building regulations with your local council. You can read more for basic guidance here. 

4. Make a design.

Incorporating both function and style, both of which can transform an otherwise necessary safety feature into a stunning architectural statement. Use pictures to illustrate your ideal balustrade. Use as many pictures as you can, make a scrapbook if you must. Pictures of the space within your home or office of where the balustrade will be going. All of these images will help you and our design team in the long run.

5. Safety First!

A Palisade balustrade might look the most appealing, but is it the safest option for the surrounding areas? (Ask for professional advice from our customer advisors, they will always be more than willing to help you).

6. Maintenance and durability.

Is the balustrade you are picking easily maintained (all SHS products are) and does this match your geographical location.

7. Will your balustrade be outdoors or indoors?

This will change the advice you are given and which balustrade is most suitable for you.

8. What material will you be fixing the balustrade into?

This question will ALWAYS be asked when you are purchasing a balustrade. It can change the balustrades that are accessible to you, and it is extremely important when regarding safety.

9. Have a budget in mind before you begin picking a glass balustrade.

This will make it easier for you and for us. Balustrade systems can range from hundreds to thousands of pounds and we want to make sure that we offer you the best product for your budget.

10. Look out for company credentials.

Make sure the company you choose has the right credentials, such as the British Stainless Steel Association, IOS 9001, The Guild of master craftsmen.

11. Pick the right company.

Is the customer support team dedicated to giving you great service? Do you feel at ease as soon as you enquire? A balustrade is an investment, so you should always feel comfortable when purchasing, especially from SHS products. At SHS we provide support before, during and after purchase.

12. Visit a reputable supplier with product knowledge.

The comfort in knowing your supplier is providing you with the best and most up to date knowledge is one of the many perks of purchasing with SHS.


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