Six reasons to add a glass canopy to your property

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It’s a fact of life that time seems to slow right down when you arrive home in pouring rain and, standing at your front door, become rapidly soaked while you struggle to find your keys.

The Parasol range from SHS is perfect for both domestic and commercial applications. SHS Products offers a range of sizes to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that meets your requirements.

Here are six reasons why we love glass canopies and how we believe they can add to and improve your property.

Protection from the elements

A glass canopy can provide excellent extra protection from the elements for anyone at the front door, whether it’s for visitors or for you, whilst struggling with shopping bags.

Note that it’s important to ensure the canopy is installed correctly so water can run off properly – water that pools or drains incorrectly can cause problems in the future.

Allows light to pass through

A wooden, brick or metal canopy can seriously impair the amount of light that reaches an entrance hall or porch area: a glass canopy will keep your home lighter by allowing almost 100% of sunlight to pass through.

Complements existing features

Glass canopies will work well with any material or façade at the front or rear of a property. It looks great with brick, metals, wood or cladding. They will add value and kerb appeal, complementing existing architectural features without being overbearing.

SHS Products - Glass Canopy
SHS Products – Glass Canopy

Suitable for a range of applications

We receive order for glass canopies from virtually every type of customer – for members of the public for their homes, from house builders looking to add premium touches to their developments, and from businesses, including hotels, sports and leisure facilities and retailers.

Easy to install

Our canopies are easy to install, even for relative novices. We will, of course, provide full instructions and product support from our experts if you get stuck, but this simple step-by-step guide is enough to get you started:

Installation Guide

  • Mark out on the wall where you will be fixing the Parasol wall track
  • Use a spirit-level to make sure it’s plumb
  • Pre-drill the fixing holes in the wall
  • Hold the wall track in place and attach with fixing screws. The number of these will vary depending on the length of the wall track. (You will need mechanical lifting equipment or multiple people to hold the wall track in place.)
  • Spin down the adjusting levellers and space them out evenly along the wall track
  • Slide in the stopper gasket
  • Place your glass onto the wall track. The side of the glass that will be inserted into the wall track will have small semi-circles cut into the sides to allow for the glass stoppers in the wall track.
  • Tighten the adjusting levellers with a spanner
  • Place the end caps onto the wall track and fix with screws
  • Slot on the bottom cladding and the fixing cladding

Wide range of sizes

We offer glass canopies in a wide range of sizes. Linea comes in 17.5mm thick glass and 1140 x 800mm, 1440 x 800mm, 1800 x 800mm, 2000 x 800mm and 2200 x 800mm. Linea PLus is 21.5mm thick and comes in 1140 x 1200mm, 1440 x 1200mm, 1800 x 1200mm, 2000 x 1200mm and 2200 x 1200mm.

For more information about any of our glass canopies you can see more information here, or alternatively contact us for a quote.




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