All About Spigot and Clarion Glass Balustrade Systems

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The wait is over, we can finally introduce you the SHS Spigot and Clarion glass balustrade systems.

Whether providing safety to the pool, wrapped around a terrace or even placed outside surrounding a communal garden area, the SHS Spigot and Clarion balustrade systems are ideal for both commercial and domestic projects. Constructed from Stainless Steel, both base clamps come in a Satin polish finish as standard. These SHS balustrade systems also have maximum glass panel widths (a.k.a maximum centres) of 1.5 metres. You can adequately fit these glass balustrades into Steel and Concrete materials.

So just what are the differences between these two SHS balustrade systems?


Clarion Glass Balustrade

Clarion Glass Balustrade

The SHS Clarion glass balustrade is exclusive to SHS Products and features longer glass panes and can also feature a top rail. The clamps holding the glass are based further apart than the Spigot system; giving the Clarion an airy feel and making it fit perfectly within a minimalism aesthetic. The base clamp itself is wider at the bottom. There is also the option to have the SHS Side-Fixed Clarion component to with your system.



Spigot Glass Balustrade



The Spigot glass balustrade features similar clamps to the Clarion, but they tend to be based closer together. This particular balustrade can be complete without a top rail too, giving it that all-round clean look. Held in-place by clamps secured to the floor as well as securing bolts through the glass panels, this glass balustrade is perfect for those looking for a ‘barely-there’ solution. You can choose from the SHS Round Spigot or Square Spigot clamps which are top fixing.

So all-in-all, the Spigot and Clarion systems share many similarities, but at the same time they are so different!

For more information on these SHS exclusive glass balustrades or any of our other systems, call our friendly customer service team, who will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have!




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