Square Tube Balustrade Installation Guide

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Welcome to our handy guide for installing the SHS Square Tube glass balustrade.


Step 1. Post Assembly

  • Your support saddle comes pre-fitted to your post unless adjustable tube rests are ordered, which are sold separately.
  • Put the cover on the post and slip onto the base plate.
  • Remove the screws from the glass clamps, which will reveal two halves. Then, using M8 screws, fix one half of the clamp to the post using a 6mm Allen key.
  • Repeat this process for all posts.



Square Tube Balustrade Post Diagram - SHS Products

Step 2. Installing Your Posts

Items needed: Masking Tape, a Marker Pen and a Spirit Level.

  • Use the masking tape to mark where the post will be, place the post on top of the masking tape and use the marker pen to mark up where the holes will be drilled.

Again, repeat this process until all of the posts are marked out.

  • Once your posts are positioned and fixings are inserted, tighten them by hand.
  • Now check your post to see if it’s level and if not, re-adjust it until level.
  • Repeat this process until all posts are level.


Recommended Fixing Methods for your glass balustrade installation

(May not be suitable for your installation)

Wood: Drill 6mm pilot hole, use M8 x 100mm stainless steel coach screws

Metal: Drill and tap M8, use M8 x 50mm stainless steel bolts with locking washers

Brick/Concrete: Drill 8mm holes to a depth of 80mm, use M8 x 100mm stainless steel floor anchor fixings



Step 3. Fitting the Top Rail

Items supplied: Wall Flange(s) (optional), Top Rails, Tube Rests, Rawl Plugs and Stainless Steel Screws

Items Needed: Clamps, Drill Bit(s), Ratchet and Tap, Masking Tape, Marker Pen, 3-n-1 Oil

  • Start from left to right. If you’re fitting the top rail on a wall to the left, you will need a wall flange.
  • Slide the wall flange onto the end of the top rail and rest the saddles. Hold the top rail in place with clamps and position the wall flange. Then use the marker pen to mark up the holes.
  • Slide the top of the rail and wall flange so marked holes can be drilled, then insert the rawl plugs supplied (if required). Slide the wall flange back and fix it to wall using the stainless steel screws supplied.

SHS Products - Stainless Handrail Systems - Square Tube Glass Balustrade on Decking


Step 4. Fitting the Balustrade Rail To the Tube Supports

Items Supplied: Wall Flange, Top Rails, Tube Rests, Rawl Plug, Stainless Steel Screws, Glue, Elbows (if required)

Items Needed: 4mm Allen Clamps, Drill Bit, Rachet and Tap, Masking Tape, Marker Pen, 3-n-1 Oil

  • Use the masking tape to mark where the top rail will rest on the tube supports and then mark up the rail through the holes in the tube support.
  • Using a drill and tap kit, remove the rail and dot punch the marked holes. Then drill the marked holes, finally tap using the 3-n-1 Oil.

(If the rail is longer than 6 meters then a tube connector will be needed, these should be glued together with our Loctite 638 adhesive)

  • remove the masking tape and re-position the top rail. Then screw the M6 button with a 4mm allen key to fix down the rail.
  • When you reach a corner or an end where an elbow or three-way corner is used you will need to cut the top rail level with the end of the elbow with a tube cutter or similar.
  • Repeat this process for all tube supports and top rails.



Step 5. Inserting the Glass Panels into Your Balustrade

Items Supplied: Glass panels, Rubber Gaskets, Glass Clamps.

Items Needed: 2 x 80mm high wooden blocks, 6mm Allen Key.

  • Insert the Rubber Gaskets into both sides of the Glass Clamps, then place two 80mm high Wooden Blocks on the floor in between posts.
  • Now place the Glass Panel onto the blocks and align with the Glass Clamps. Place the front of the Glass Clamps over the other half of the Glass Clamp, and screw in place.
  • Repeat this process for all making sure all clamps are screwed in tightly.


SHS Products - Stainless Handrail Systems - Square Tube Glass Balustrade in Garden

And there you have your completed square tube balustrade!

For more information on our Square Tube balustrade or any of our systems, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call a member of our team today, or visit our Youtube page for video explainers.




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