Stainless steel and glass balustrades all year round

Stainless and glass balustrades not only look incredible all year round, but they can also withstand any weather condition.

Both glass and stainless steel are strong, durable materials that can handle British weather whether it’s sunshine, rain, snow, or low temperatures. Compared to other materials that need more maintenance in order to withstand the weather extremes.

Safety glass, which is used for our glass balustrades, is basically weatherproof without needing any special treatment. It is low maintenance, it does not fracture in minus zero degrees, it doesn’t crack under pressure or extreme heat and does not get damaged from ice.

Looking fabulous, no matter the weather

Toughened glass requires very little maintenance, we recommend cleaning your balustrades once a month, if you want to keep them in their stunning showroom conditions. We understand that this is easier done than said, especially in the winter months but the process is very easy.

A few simple household items will be needed: a bowl of lukewarm water, a sponge, two microfibre cloths, a spray bottle, a glass cleaner, and a rubber squeegee.

If you’re working in very cold temperatures, a car windscreen wash for freezing conditions also works well for cleaning our glass balustrades.

Stainless steel is also resistant to cold weather conditions, but because it isn’t 100 per cent rust, stain, or corrosion-proof, it simply needs general cleaning and maintenance. We also suggest our mirror finish to customers that live in highly corrosive locations for extra protection.

The mirror polish contains fewer grains for dirt particles to collect in, and therefore is fantastic for any environment with a high risk of corrosion, for example, areas within ten miles from the coast or high humidity indoor swimming pools.

For cleaning stainless steel balustrades use: Soap, detergent or dilute (1%) ammonia solution in warm, clean water. Apply with a clean sponge, soft cloth or soft-fibre brush and then rinse with clean water before drying.

Read our recommended cleaning methods.

Photo from Google – Uploaded by Shelley Gorys

Glass balustrades don’t only stand firm in all weather conditions but can also be installed in all weathers and all year round by our team. Let’s not forget we live in the UK; British weather is something our teams have got used to. 

Please make sure to let us know where the balustrade system is going to be placed and what the conditions are like in your location, that way we can offer you advice based on your place.






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