Stainless Steel Balustrade & Handrail Maintenance

The majority of available balustrades from SHS are made from Stainless Steel, including our Professional, Elegance, Wire Rope and Glass Canopies.

SHS Products - Stainless Steel Care - Professional Wire Rope Combination Balustrade

Corrosion Resistance

Stainless Steel is a metal alloy that has chromium and nickel added to it, that aids in preventing some corrosion; this layer and any polishing or buffing over the steel adds a further level of protection from the elements. The stainless steel balustrade finishes available with SHS Products are the Satin finish and the Mirror polish finish.

Satin vs Mirror

As you can see, there is a distinct visual difference between a Satin Finish (left) and a Mirror Finish (right). Find out more about the difference between Satin and Mirror here. Mirror polish has better resistance in highly corrosive areas, such as those within 10 miles of the coast or high humidity areas such as indoor swimming pools.

We also have to factor in the Grade of Stainless Steel used. At SHS we use grade 304 for internal applications and 316 for external uses. In contrast to Grade 304, Grade 316 has molybdenum added to it to assist in repelling salt particles.


How to clean your stainless steel balustrade

The type of dirt will determine which method you choose;

Routine cleaning of light soiling – Soap, detergent or dilute (1%) ammonia solution in warm, clean water. Apply with either a clean sponge, soft cloth or soft-fibre brush and then rinse in clean water before drying.

Fingerprints – Detergent and warm water. Alternatively, you can use hydrocarbon solvents.

Oil & grease marks – Hydrocarbon solvents (methylated spirit, isopropyl alcohol or acetone).

Stubborn sports, stains and light discolouration. Water marking and light rust staining – Mild, non-scratching creams and polishes. Apply with a soft cloth or soft sponge and rinse off residue with clean water before drying.

Localised rust stains caused by carbon steel contamination – Propriety gels or 10% phosphoric acid solution (followed by ammonia and water rinses). Alternatively, oxalic acid solution followed by a water rinse.


Drill Tap Kit Edit
The SHS Drill & Tap Kit (for installing top rails of balustrades) comes with the Scotch Bright Cloth and the Stainless Steel Cleaner Fluid. Alternatively you can purchase these items seperately from our online shop.



The SHS Drill & Tap Kit (for installing top rails of balustrades) comes with the Scotch Bright Cloth and the Stainless Steel Cleaner Fluid. Alternatively, you can purchase these items separately from our online shop.




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