Steel Juliet Balcony

Steel Juliet Balcony railing

The Juliet Balcony railing is placed across a raised window or door opening to create a balcony effect whilst adding safety and achieving the practical requirements of building regulations. The Juliet railing allows upper-floor living spaces to benefit from French doors, bifold doors or full-length open windows securely.

Our steel Juliet balcony railing is a more cost-effective alternative to our glass designs and is a great long-lasting solution. We offer a range of standard options which have all been designed and approved to comply with applicable regulations, but we can also manufacture bespoke systems, custom-designed to meet our customer’s needs.

We also offer a range of styles and finishes; our railing can be galvanized and powder coated. Customers can specify any RAL colour of their choice for an extra charge. Standard powder coating colours: black and anthracite grey.

The balcony railing will be delivered to you ready to be installed and both face fixing or reveal fixing is available.  Fixings are not supplied but can be discussed with your local fixing company.

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Planning permission is not needed to install a Juliet balcony railing.



The Juliet balcony railing allows the use of outdoor space where you may previously not have had it, creating cohesion between your indoor and outdoor space, and it’s perfect for introducing fresh air to any space at a low cost.

Please note that the maximum width for a Juliet balcony railing is 2.4 metres. Be sure to keep in mind when designing and ordering your Juliet Balcony any obstructions, such as windowsills.

Please contact us to discuss the installation process with our team.

Having worked on thousands of commercial projects we understand what you require from a Juliet balcony railing or balustrade system, the right price, and a durable stylish product.

We will work with you regarding any building inspection needs. If you are purchasing a full bespoke balustrade from our team, rather than buying online, you can choose to use our fitting team. They will work with your team to ensure a smooth installation.

Mild Steel – A routine cleaning of light soiling, using soap, detergent or dilute (1%) ammonia solution in warm clean water will be sufficient. Apply with a clean sponge, soft cloth or soft fibre brush then rinse in clean water and dry.

  • Mild Steel
  • 40mm x 8mm flat bar frame
  • 16mm square bar infills