The advantages of installing a Glass Divider Protection Screen

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At SHS Products we wanted to create a solution that will support and help our customers in the office and retail industries, particularly under the current circumstances.

We designed our new Glass Divider Protection Screens to not only support and increase the safety of those working in office and retail environments but to also give a practical and stylish solution for isolating spaces.

The SHS Glass Divider Protection Screen can be used in many ways, read on for the key advantages of installing them and for some inspiration on how you can use them:

Efficient for Social Distancing

In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now more essential than ever to ensure the safety of office employees, retail workers and your customers. For many businesses, the option of working from home is not possible and with the latest Government announcement, some workplaces will open by adapting social distancing and safety measures.

One of the easiest ways to make your workplace safer is to place screen dividers, by placing a divider between your staff or between your staff and your customers you can reduce the risk of infection as the divider will create a physical barrier.

The protection screen will also help people adhere to the social distancing measures and remind them to refrain from touching your area of work or stand closer than the advised 2m distance.

Read the Government’s advice here.

Make your office look smarter

In many busy offices, work takes over and sometimes the overall tidiness of the space stops being the priority. Employees are focusing on their to-do lists and the stacks of papers are being misplaced all-around their desks, making the office look messy.

Glass dividers, especially for open plan office areas, can make the office look tidier and brighter. Desk dividers are ideal for separating work surfaces, which can encourage tidiness and organisation of notes and work paper as they can easily be kept in a defined area.

Also, glass dividers provide a bright welcoming atmosphere compared to the feel plastic dark dividers create. The glass also brightens up the whole office and creates a good impression to visitors.

Maximising privacy for your employees

Another advantage of using dividing screens in the workplace is the sense of privacy and ownership they can provide for each employee, making them feel responsible for their work area.

Glass desk dividers can offer your employees privacy while also being part of a larger team rather than feeling completely isolated in a dark cubicle.

This leads to other benefits including productivity and making employees feel valued.  By maximising your employee’s privacy, you give them the ability to personalise their workspace which is proved to improve work efficiency.


The SHS Glass Divider Protection Screens are created with our toughened safety glass and stainless-steel clamps making them hygienic, easy to clean and durable. This bespoke design is the perfect alternative to traditional dividing screens and is available in a range of finishes.

View the specifications.




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