The benefits of fascia-fixed balustrades

Our balustrades are fitted in a variety of buildings and homes, they can be incorporated in commercial buildings and can compliment your design structure. Even in cases when the structure might not be ideal for fixing our balustrades as we would usually do, there is always a solution.

So, in cases where our balustrades cannot be fixed down the solution is fascia fixing. Fascia fixed balustrades are effectively glass balustrades that are fitted on the front part or outside part of the area.

Fascia fixing is just as strong and the perfect choice for balconies, decking, landings, walkways, and stairways, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Here are some benefits:

Saves space

For some of our projects, fascia fixing is something we suggest in order to save space in the area you want the balustrades installed. For example, a narrow walkway could benefit from the balustrades being fitted on the outside – just like the picture above. The fitting doesn’t compromise the balustrade but only adds extra advantages to your design.

Fascia fixed balustrades can truly give an un-obstructed view

It’s the details that really matter, and if you want a completely unobstructed view then fascia fixed balustrades are the perfect solution. Fascia fixed glass balustrades maximise transparency and give the illusion of a glass railing with no beginning.

For stunning views choose our Glass Button or Frameless glass balustrade.

It’s an alternative fixing method for flat roofs

We have designed balustrades for flat roofs and sometimes whether it’s because we cannot fix a balustrade system down or if we just want to utilise the space, fascia fixing is the ideal alternative fixing method.

We can design longer stainless-steel posts that attach to the wall below or the side and below a gutter board if needed. A flat roof glass balustrade provides safety, adds a touch of class and protection from the elements and when fascia fixed saves even more space.


Please get in touch with our team for a friendly chat about your idea and to arrange a survey. Our surveyor will visit your property, will take all the required measurements, and will confirm whether the selected balustrade system is suitable for the specific area. They will advise the most suitable fitting methods and let you know if further bespoke work is needed.

We can supply a balustrade system, we can supply and survey, and we can also supply, survey, and install our balustrade systems.




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