The benefits of using grab rails in the bathroom

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Our grab rails are a vital bathroom accessory for elderly people or people with balance or mobility issues. Grab rails add extra support and are designed to improve safety, especially within the bathroom.

The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house with a high number of falls and slips yearly. Bathrooms have several hazards, from slippery and wet surfaces to low toilets and baths, making it very hard to get in and out.

Especially for people with poor balance, getting around the bathroom can be tricky and can instil fear and anxiety of falling and getting hurt. If you or a family member need some extra support in the bathroom, our grab rails can be fitted anywhere around the bathroom to help you feel more confident in your movements and improve safety.

Feeling safe is really important, whether you suffer from joint pain, poor mobility, dizziness or have sight problems.

Here are some places grab rails can be positioned in your bathroom and how they can benefit you:

Showers and wet rooms

A fixed rail in the shower or wet room will offer support and help with stepping in and out, especially if there is a step. By holding onto the grab rail while entering or exiting the shower, you have better balance and extra support.

Another option is having two grab rails on both sides, to take the pressure of your joints and to help you move around while you are in the shower.


Our grab rails are designed to support people’s weight and can be position around the bath to help people get in and out easier by taking the weight off their knees. Bath grab rails can be positioned on the height that suits you and can be positioned along the length of the bathtub.

Our grab rails can also be positioned vertically in the bath to help you stand from the bath seat and diagonal for people with weak wrists to rest their forearms.


Grab rails can be positioned next to the toilet, on one or both sides for added security and to help people with mobility issues stand up with more ease. Grab rails positioned next to the toilet can benefit everybody in the family, from elderly grandparents to young children.

With a few simple steps, you can make your bathroom more accessible, and you will add extra support and safety. Grab rails reduce the risk of falls and take the pressure off your knees, joints, and backs.

They offer confidence and peace of mind, which is crucial to your quality of life, so you can feel independent and safe to move around, especially in a space like a bathroom.

Our grab rails complement any bathroom and are available in three different styles. They also come with a 12-month guarantee. View the specifications here.




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