The Perfect Glass Balustrades for Your Office

Thinking of choosing glass balustrades for your office? Different commercial spaces require different things, certain materials will create a specific tone for that space.

If you want a modern, professional and sleek space that will impress, glass balustrades from SHS will do the job.

At SHS Products we make it as easy as possible for you to find the perfect solution. We supply glass balustrades for both internal and external applications, as well as for commercial properties not just domestic buildings.

Today we’re exploring which glass balustrades would work best in your office space. Any modern workspace today will have a balustrade with uses including cordoning off areas such as eating areas, stairways, mezzanine floors and viewing areas.

How about stair balustrades for your office?

Why not opt for a modern, fresh look with a Glass Button balustrade? This side-fixed, glass balustrade is held with Stainless Steel clamps that are installed on the side of your staircase. SHS can also add an optional handrail. We would definitely recommend this glass balustrade for any office that wants to go for a contemporary aesthetic. In fact, this is the balustrade we have in our main office too!

SHS Products - Glass Button Balustrade Railing Stainless Steel


Mezzanine Floors

For places where you need to see the view (for example, on mezzanine balconies), then our ‘post-less’ or minimalistic glass balustrades will be perfect for your needs. As the name suggests the Frameless Balustrade, is made up of an aluminium channel shoe that runs along the floor and holds the glass panels in place without the need for posts.

architectural frameless interior


Recreational Areas & Walkways

For cordoning off the canteen or lining a pathway, maybe a balustrade like the Wire Rope balustrade would work best. The system is easy to maintain and is a popular choice for not only food-related areas but also great for lining pathways.



If you think these glass balustrades look great, remember a bespoke option is available with SHS!

We can mix-and-match certain balustrades to suit your specifications and create the perfect balustrade for you. Just call our friendly sales team to discuss your needs and get a quote. It couldn’t be easier!




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