The SHS Balustrade and Handrail Order Process

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Have you ever thought about placing an order with SHS Products, but wondered what the SHS balustrade order process was?

Well… wonder no more, this blog will give you a full breakdown of the order, drawing (where applicable), manufacturing and delivery process.


The SHS balustrade process begins….

First Contact After you’ve found us on Google, Social Media, in a Magazine a customer calls, emails or meets SHS Products



mailface to face meeting









Gathering Information

We recommend speaking with our friendly customer advisors, who will complete a Fact Find Sheet to get all the relevant information from you to ensure that the best and most accurate advice is provided.


Visual Aids

When we have run through all the questions we need to ask, next will come the picture request. Our customer advisors require pictures of the area where your balustrade will be fitted, this provides a visual aid for the advisors to work with.


Placing Your Order

If you are fully informed and happy with the product recommend, an order is placed. A deposit of 50% of the total cost is required at this point (unless any special offers are running at the time an order is placed).


Processing Your SHS Blaustrade Order

Next, the order will be checked and passed to our operations team. Dependent on the difficulty of the design required, the order may be dealt with directly in operations or moved to our lovely CAD office team.


CAD Drawings

Both operations & the CAD team will produce a bespoke drawing to be approved by the customer. The customer will need to sign this drawing off before we can put any order through to manufacturing.


cad drawing



Manufacturing Your Order

The order will now be processed and passed to the warehouse operators to begin manufacturing. Here, if the components are not in the warehouse, they will be manufactured on site.


Distributing Your Order

The order components will be picked or fabricated and filed for distribution (glass included)

Once the order has been manufactured, the operations team will check that the full payment has been made.


Delivery Your SHS Balustrade Order

Finally, once full payment has been received the balustrade system will be delivered directly to the customer, and the installation can begin!



SHS Van for email









If you have any questions before, during or after you have ordered don’t hesitate to contact us.





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