SHS Jargon Buster Vol.9 – Understanding Balustrade Components

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Welcome back to another edition of the SHS Products Jargon Buster. Today, in Vol. 9 we’ll be simplifying the balustrade System components. If this is your first time with us let us fill you in. The Jargon Buster is where we go through a few of the terms regularly used in the balustrade industry. Whilst some words are more obscure than others it’s always good to have a refresher on the basics as well.

3 Way Elbow

The 3 Way Elbow is part of the handrail attached to your Professional Balustrade. It attaches to your corner post and then attaches to the top rail of your system that run perpendicular to one another, giving your handrail a continuous effect when going around corners.

balustrade component


Adjustable Corner Saddle

The Adjustable Corner Saddle is much like the 3-way elbow as it allows your balustrade handrail to move around corners. However, the Adjustable Corner Saddle can be used to negotiate any corner that runs at any angle. It simply slots into your corner post and then the handrail slides onto the Corner Saddle.

balustrade component


Tube Rest

The Tube Rest is another part of your balustrade handrail, but instead of being able to negotiate corners, the Tube Rest simply holds your handrail in place. It does this as the rest itself is curved slightly and the handrail simply lies in there and then gets screwed in place.

balustrade component


Tube Connector

The Tube Connector is another part of your handrail. This piece is used to connect together 2 runs of the handrail. It simply fits to each part of your handrail and gives a continuous effect to your handrail.

balustrade component

All of these components make up a stunning balustrade system that goes nicely in any domestic or commercial setting.

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