SHS Jargon Buster Vol.5 – Understanding Spigot Balustrade Glass Floor Clamps

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Today in Vol. 5 we’ll be demystifying Spigots Balustrade Glass Floor Clamps.

If this is your first time with us let us fill you in: The Jargon Buster is where we go through a few of the terms regularly used in the balustrade glass industry and today we’re focusing on spigot balustrade glass floor clamps. Whilst some words are more obscure than others it’s always good to have a refresher on the basics as well.

Balustrade Glass Spigots

A balustrade glass spigot is essentially a glass clamp that is fixed to the floor. Different balustrade companies will name their designs with different names, including SHS. Below you see the range available from SHS Products.


Round Spigot

The round Spigot is not entirely round, the top of the base clamp is round; this base clamp has four fixing holes and comes with rubber gaskets for holding glass panels.

SHS Products - Round Spigot Stainless Steel



Square Spigot

As you might have guessed relates again to the top part of the base clamp, which has 90° corners.

SHS Products - Stainless Steel Square Spigot

Clarion Spigot

The Clarion base clamp, which is exclusive to SHS Products, has a wider base than it’s Round or Square Spigot relatives. It also features a different fixing system than the Square or Round versions. The Clarion comes with level adjusting screws so that you can make sure your balustrade glass is level to the ground. To find out more about the Clarion system visit our the balustrade page here.

SHS Products - Stainless Steel Clarion Spigot

Side Fixed Clarion Spigot

As the name suggests this base clamp is secured to the side of the fixing area. The Side Fixed Clarion is slimmer than the original Clarion Clamp and for every glass panel that is 1200mm in length you would require three side fixed clamps.

SHS Products - Stainless Steel Side Fixed Clarion Spigot

All of these designs allow you to keep metal parts to a minimum and glass to a maximum, opening up your space. We’ll be back soon with another edition of the SHS Jargon Buster!

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