Update Your Home with Glass Walls and Ceilings

When did glass walls become popular?

Glass walls have been a suitable material for building since 1851 when it was popularized by Joseph Paxton’s Crystal Palace. Since then, the manufacturing techniques for this material have continued to evolve and grow. Now we use more and more glazed products every day for building projects in the UK than ever before.

Glass Laminated 400x400



What can architectural glass do for me?

Updating your home with architectural glass is a great way to modernise your surroundings. With the right type, it can add a wonderful element of class for aesthetic purposes. It can also provide great strength when used for a more structural reason.

Below is a great installation of our Frameless Balustrade where there is a glazed floor panel installed within the decking. This is just one option! There are so many different things customers can do with glass panels. Whether within the home or a more commercial environment, this material can really make your project stand out from the rest.

Decking Glass Panel

When thinking about glazing in the home it immediately draws attention to windows, right? However, you can use it for many other things. Examples would be skylights, elevated walkways, canopies, staircases, doors and wall partitions. Wall partitions are particularly great if you want to visibly ‘open up’ a home or office.


SHS Products - Glass Wall Partitions

SHS Products has branched out into supplying architectural glass products! However we currently only supply these products to the West Midlands region.

SHS offer Toughened Safety panels and Toughened Laminated panels. Use these for windows, extensions, balustrades, furniture manufacture, wall partitions, exhibition stands, architectural projects, interior design projects and more! The Toughened Safety panels comes in thicknesses of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 19mm. The Toughened Laminated panels comes in thicknesses of 10.76mm, 11.5mm, 17.5mm and 21.5mm. We offer bespoke or per metre sizing for all our glass products. Don’t forget you can opt for coloured, frosted or opaque glass.


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