Upgrade your home with stunning glass balustrades

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If you are contemplating an interior makeover in your home this autumn, then look no further. Our glass balustrades offer homes big and small a perfect finishing touch to your interior design.

Glass balustrades offer many benefits, they maximise the amount of natural light flowing in your home giving the illusion of a greater and brighter space. They are safe, stylish and easy to maintain while not compromising your interior décor.

Here are some ways you can use our indoor balustrades to upgrade your home:

Glass banisters and railings for staircases

Our balustrades are very popular for staircase banisters because they are durable, flexible, and the most aesthetically pleasing balustrades to choose from.

Glass railings for your staircase can transform a room instantly and can easily be custom-made to your desired measurements. The use of the glass balustrades for your staircase also offers the essential benefit of visual transparency between the floor levels which is especially important for a family home with children running between the levels or playing on the landing.

While wood and other railing materials can get dusty, easily scratched by kids running up and down their stairs or even deteriorate over time, professionally installed safety glass is durable, incredibly safe and long-lasting.

Mezzanine balconies

Balustrade systems can be used for mezzanine floor balconies to maintain a flow of light without enclosing your space.  A mezzanine balcony is an internal balcony that overlooks your living space below and is usually used in high-ceilinged spaces for bedrooms, a home office, a staircase landing and more.

Mezzanine floors require protection around their perimeter for safety purposes on all exposed edges and our balustrade systems are often used for mezzanine floor balconies to add safety and to increase or renovate existing floor space.

Jacuzzi fencing

Glass balustrades are a popular choice for jacuzzi fencing indoors as they provide an exceptionally secure barrier that is easy to clean and durable to the humidity. Again, glass panels provide an unobstructed view that provides an aesthetically pleasing design and a safe visible environment.


Glass balustrades can provide an effective way to zone out specific areas, especially for open-plan kitchens and living rooms, so the flow of natural light is not disturbed. Glass balustrades are versatile and can be installed in many spaces that you might have not even thought about:

As with outdoor balustrades, our indoor balustrade systems are manufactured to add safety to your home and to create a fashionable statement in residential and commercial properties. Glass railings can be customised with opaque or frosted glass, coloured glass, mirror or satin finish and bespoke sizes.

Try our instant balustrade quote tool to get a price today or contact our friendly team if you are thinking of including glass balustrades in your internal project and need more information.




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