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What Is A Balustrade?

What Is A Balustrade

Handrail, Fence, Balcony, Railing, Banister – you’ve heard of them, right? But would you ever use the word balustrade? You might not know what they are, but you probably encounter one more often than you’d expect.

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As a leading UK balustrade company, we are aware the word ‘balustrade’ is not commonly known. Traditionally a balustrade appears is a classic stone baluster forming a full balustrade. But other than those who are involved in the architectural industry, who would know that, right? Well we are here to fill you in!

Similar to a lot of us that work at SHS, if we were asked before we joined SHS what a balustrade was, we bet we would have had no idea! Putting that theory to the test, 2 questions were sent to all members of the SHS team, the results are below;

1) Before joining SHS did you know what a balustrade was?

No: 69%

Yes: 31%


2) We showed the following pictures and asked the team to say what they would call these balustrades before working for SHS.

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To answers:

Handrail 38%

Balcony/ glass fence 40%

A balustrade by definition is “A railing supported by balusters, especially one forming an ornamental parapet to a balcony, bridge, or terrace”.

These days a balustrade doesn’t have to be made of stone.

SHS offer a range of materials to create the perfect balustrade, including, Stainless Steel, Glass and Aluminium. Today a balustrade is anything that protects a balcony, decking, stairs, swimming pool, or any void.


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