What questions should you be asking your balustrade supplier?

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Here we have a few questions that we believe are essential to ask before agreeing on a balustrade order:

Is the system building regulation complaint?

We have over 25 years of experience in designing and fitting balustrades of all materials across the UK. SHS have an unrivalled knowledge of the specifications of balustrade building regulations and can help with getting your project approved.

The five key elements to remember when it comes to balustrade building regulations are:

  1. Balustrades are, above all, a preventative means of protecting an individual from personal injury and falling.
  2. They are a necessity in public spaces for stairs, balconies and any changes in floor level over 380mm.
  3. Balustrades must meet the specific height requirements, which are dependent on the type of building, location and use of space.
  4. Glass balustrades must meet specific load requirements as per balustrade building regulations.
  5. Source all materials needed for balustrades from a professional company to ensure that all products are of a high standard.

We can offer balustrade building regulation guidance, as well as advice on the best safety solutions for your home or commercial building. Contact us today to talk through your requirements.

Is the balustrade for internal or/and external use?

SHS balustrade systems are manufactured with both internal and external use in mind and crafted for both domestic and commercial buildings. Our glass balustrades complement exterior and interior design and are made from durable materials that can handle British weather and can withstand any weather condition.

Is the balustrade durable in coastal areas?

Living near the coast can affect your property and outdoor structures. The high winds, rain, and high levels of corrosion due to the salt is something to keep in mind when choosing your balustrade supplier.

Glass does not corrode which is why glass balustrades are the better option over the more traditional railing styles. They are more resilient to sea salt and cannot be permanently affected by salt or the weather.

Our team also always suggests we used a mirror finish; the smoother surface of the Mirror Finish has a higher resistance to the salt particles in the air and prevents corrosion for longer.


What glass can I have with my chosen balustrade?

UK building regulations specify that toughened or toughened laminated glass are the two types of glass that are suitable for constructing balustrades and it’s what SHS products offers.

Laminated glass consists of two pieces of toughened glass held together by an extremely strong interlayer. Toughened glass goes through a process called tempering where the glass is heated and quenched – cooled quickly. Quenching locks tension into the core of the glass resulting in a stronger glass.

How strong is the balustrade?

Both glass and stainless steel are durable materials that can handle British weather whether it’s sunshine, rain, snow, or low temperatures. Compared to other materials that need more maintenance to withstand the weather extremes.

Safety glasses that we use for our glass balustrades are essentially weatherproof without needing any special treatment. They are low maintenance and do not fracture at minus zero degrees or crack under pressure or extreme heat.



Compliant with building regulations our glass balustrades are extremely strong and aesthetically pleasing, and a long-term investment for both domestic and commercial buildings.

We supply only, we can supply and survey, and we can also supply, survey, and install our balustrade systems. Our approved installers can install our balustrades whatever your location, in every corner of the UK.

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