What you need to know about Privacy Screens

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Glass balustrades and privacy screens are the perfect combination and solution for extra privacy. A privacy screen is essentially a taller glass balustrade with a non-see-through glass panel – it can be frosted or opaque – which prevents people from seeing in your property and prevents you from overlooking into theirs.

Privacy screens can be requested by building control

Privacy screens, although very desirable for personal privacy, can also be required by building control for the sign off of your balustrade project.

In the UK, it is common to take into consideration the impact a renovation or project will have on your neighbour’s privacy. Which is why local authorities could often enforce on a privacy screen for your balcony or terrace if it overlooks a neighbouring property.

What are the requirements?

Privacy screens are usually required to be 1800mm high and the glass panel must be opaque. When choosing the height of a privacy screen, we will consider other factors including the height of the property, wind speed and the effective height of the building and environmental factors around your area, for example, the distance from the sea.

Sometimes swimming pools are also required to have privacy screens if they are overlooking a neighbouring property. The height of the privacy screens and balustrades required around your pool depends on the depth of the pool, at times the balustrade system might be 1,800 mm tall anyway.

Privacy screens are also an option if you would just like some privacy around your pool or hot tub that looks minimal and stylish.

Can my privacy screen be bespoke?

Putting aside the required building regulations, our privacy screens can also be designed for your personal needs. Our privacy screens come in all shapes, colours, and sizes to suit your wishes whilst not compromising on the look of your balustrade, exterior design, or outdoor living space.

Our privacy screens can be made with opaque or frosted glass. And above, our glass balustrades can be made with opaque or frosted glass panels all around for extra privacy. We can help you create a secluded space for you to enjoy with friends and family.

Here are some examples of our bespoke projects:


Please get in touch if you have any questions or for a quick free quote use our instant tool to easily design your balustrade and get a visual quote.




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