Where can Grab Rails be positioned around the home?

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Our durable and strong multipurpose grab rails are a simple solution for adding extra safety around the house and giving you and your visitors extra confidence when moving around. Grab rails can help with going up or down steps or when you need a little leverage.

Our multipurpose grab rails are suitable for internal and external spaces. They come ready to install and can provide support in various areas.

Here are some areas that grab rails can be positioned to offer better stability:


Bathrooms can be a tricky place for anybody, whatever your age, and especially for people with poor balance getting around the wet and slippery surfaces in the bathroom. You have probably heard of someone that has fallen in the bathroom or you may know people that fear falling and getting hurt.

Fitting grab rails around the bathroom can give people more confidence and stability to use the shower, bath, or toilet. Our grab rails can be positioned anywhere around the bathroom, which can help anyone navigate more easily throughout the space.

Entrance of your property – outdoors

Grab rails at the entrance of your property can give visitors extra leverage and something sturdy to hold while they are going up the steps, especially in the winter months when steps and paths can be icy and slippery.

The same goes for your outdoor living space. Uneven paths or slippery patios can be challenging to walk on without having extra support, so it may be worth considering adding in additional safety measures.


Even if you already have a handrail on your staircase, climbing stairs can be quite challenging for people with mobility problems and elderly people. It’s important to make it easier for them and give them additional support on the stairs by fitting in grab rails on the other side.

Grab rails can run the length of the stairs and can even be positioned to run around the corner, around the landing and to continue up to the second flight of steps. Sometimes, simply adding a grab rail at the bottom and the top of the staircase to help with that first and last step can be helpful for the elderly.


As we get older, it can become difficult to get up and pull our body weight out of the bed. Our multipurpose rails can be positioned beside the bed to help people to stand, sit, get out of the bed, or just switch positions.

Targeted areas

Our grab rails can be cut and ordered to the required length so they can be used anywhere, internally or externally. We can provide grab rails long enough for an entire staircase, or short grab rails to install next to your elderly parent’s favourite chair.

Our multipurpose handrails are made from high-quality stainless-steel rail and are designed to increase safety and provide stability and support.  They are available in three different styles and include a 12-month guarantee.

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